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Regular Entries must have their forms in by July 1, 2013 ($100.00)

INSTRUCTIONS for filling out forms and which forms to use.


You can use one entry form for up to 4 dogs.  Each dog must have its own information form

Dog information form to be filled out and submitted

The form above is meant to be filled out on line and submitted on-line to the pedigree book committee.

Dog information form for Download

Downloaded forms are meant to be mailed to the pedigree book committee after you fill them out. 

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If you'd like to purchase Older editions of the pedigree books or the 2010 DVD CLICK HERE

The DVD will be sent in September 2013


to order the DVD or Book via mail click on the regular download entry form

For Orders after May 1, 2013

to download and fill out the form by hand.